4 thoughts on “Things You Can Find In The Bike Lane

  1. To be honest, I think that both your examples of snow banks STILL in the bikes lanes (mass Ave and Broadway) are where private contractors cleared a parking lot and loading dock respectively into the bike lane. Even if the city plows go to the curb, when a private contractor comes by and dumps all the snow from private property into public property, it ruins the lane (for weeks and weeks after). I wonder if there’s a law against this, and what the enforcement could be.
    Sorry I couldn’t go out with your guys last night -I would have loved to chat. We should get Gordo and Henry (my 16 YO dog) together for a doggie play date at Fresh Pond- they can talk hot poodles, and we can talk transportation cycling!

  2. Ok, I had to check, and this is the ordinance- nothing to prohibit dumping it all into the bike lane.

    12.16.110 – Sidewalks—Snow and ice removal.

    Removal of Snow from Sidewalks. The owner or occupant of private property bordering on a street where there is a sidewalk or footway shall, within twelve hours after snow ceases to fall in the daytime and before one p.m. after a fall of snow during the night, cause all snow that may be on such sidewalk or footway to be removed therefrom. In the event of an unusually heavy snowfall, the time limit shall be extended at the discretion of the Commissioner of Public Works. The provisions of this section shall apply to snow which falls from buildings as well as to that which falls from the clouds.
    Removal of Ice from Sidewalks. The owner or occupant of private property bordering on a street where there is a sidewalk or footway any portion of which is encumbered by ice shall within six hours after the sidewalk or footway becomes encumbered with ice cause such sidewalk or footway to be made safe and convenient by removing the ice therefrom, or by keeping the same covered with sand or some other suitable substance.

  3. I had the same question this morning, biking up Main Street by the projects. A girl was digging her car out, and dumping every single shovel full of snow into the bike lane. On the one hand, she’s looking right at the people whose lane she’s wrecking. And yet on the other hand, where is she supposed to put it? On the sidewalk? So it would seem that if the city is responsible for clearing the lanes, then they’re not done until cars and private property have cleared their areas (potentially into the bike and car lanes) and THEN the lanes are re-cleared. I honestly don’t know how to do it best, but 6 weeks of snow mountains only living on in bike lanes is not the right answer.

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