Edit: As of the summer of 2013, Boston now DOES have a kickass family bike shop, Bicycle Belle in Somerville. She carries the exact Workcycles bike we bought, along with tons of other amazing family/cargo/stylish bikes. But back when I wrote this, we were a Cargo Bike desert.

Post29 Pic1

Post29 Pic2

Post29 Pic3

Post29 Pic4

Post29 Pic5

Post29 Pic6

Post29 Pic7

Post29 Pic8

11 thoughts on “NEW BIKE!

    • Oh I like that bike! Love the bend on the bar. I have a pink Soma bar called Noah’s Arc that’s about the same shape and I like it.

  1. Whoa! That’s a sweet ride! I’ll have to come to you guys for advice when we buy our bikes in Madison this summer.

  2. So Boston now does have a bike shop that carries some of these bikes- Bicycle Belle at 368 Beacon St is officially open as of this morning. We have Bobbins and Papillionaires in stock, and will be getting Paper Bikes in July, Workcycles Bakfiets and FR8’s and GR8’s in August and Xtracycles in September. I know that She-Handler couldn’t wait any longer for her bike, but we should have some serious options to try out for riding in style with kids and cargo. We also have fun accessories like Yakkay helmets, Cleverhood capes, and Vespertine reflective gear.

    We do have a bakfiets and an xtracycle to test ride now for people who want to try some options before the shipments arrive.
    Sorry for the “commercial” comment, but just wanted to let people know that the city/cargo/family bike shop drought in Boston was finally coming to an end!

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