4 thoughts on “Pug Velo Does Portland

  1. So glad you had a good time in my home town. Of course, we like to complain here about the ways that the biking infrastructure isn’t quite perfect yet and it’s nice to be reminded that it can actually be pretty awesome.

    • Even Amsterdam isn’t 100% “done” yet, but if you need reminding of it… Portland is Buck Rogers league coming from Camrbidge — which just received the most charitable gold (bike city) medal awarded to anyone since the USSR boycotted the 1980 olympics.

  2. Wow, you can rent a bakfiets! I experimentally put one of my bikes on spinlister ($15/day, 3-speed, fenders, full chain case, hub-driven lights, frame rack and box) and not one person has expressed any interest. On the other hand, most of the bikes I saw offered for rent (here, and in Silicon Valley) were not bikes I would want to ride anyway, so maybe spinlister has the “wrong” customers.

    • Haven’t looked at Spinlister in particular, but I wondered about that dynamic when I heard about the business model. Bike riders are a very segregated lot — myself included. I guess I would ride anything if I had to, but if I’m going to rent something and I have choices, I’m going to choose something that I really WANT to ride. In my case that’s dutch bikes, cargo bikes, beautiful older bikes, porteurs, stuff like that. I don’t get excited by bike speed, so carbon fiber stuff isn’t my thing, and I would never go rent it if I had another choice.

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