Pug-Related Links

Hello All.


We’re just back from a vacation, and we’re working on fresh content (another 9 Questions interview!), but in the meantime, here are two pug-and/or-bike links I have to pass along…

First, I give you a stunning sidecar bike build detailed on Velo Cult: http://velocult.com/2013/07/rando-pug/.


(Note the spelling… PUGeot). If his hair were a little shorter and his pug weighed almost twice as much (19 lbs vs. 31 lbs… good god Gordo is fat), we could almost be twins. I cannot say enough how impressed I am with the amount of work this guy did just to bike his pug around. I may have been out-done in the Equipment department, but until he and Rando do something like D2R2 together, I’m holding onto my Pug-on-a-bike crown.


And second, I present to you a long-form web comic that is so spectacular and strange that I don’t think I can describe it properly… BATTLE PUG.



As soon as I found it, I got sucked into reading the whole thing up to date, and now I am anxiously awaiting new episodes. Seriously, block off some time and go through these. The humor is very, very good and the guy is an incredible artist. A gigantic seal destroys a village, the Jeffersons get a cameo… just incredible reading.


That’s it. See you all soon. Gordo says Hi.

3 thoughts on “Pug-Related Links

  1. Hey looks like you and I are east coast west coast Pug+Bike brothers. Rando is my pug and named after Randonneuring. We go on long distance bike tours in Oregon. Check our adventures out here. https://www.facebook.com/RandoAwesome

    The Pugeot is only for city use and I would take your challenge of the D2R2. To date our longest ride was 93miles (one way) from Portland Oregon, over the coast range mountains, through 23 miles gravel roads, to Cape Lookout where we camped the weekend. Seen here: https://www.facebook.com/RandoAwesome/photos/a.331378823623186.78538.331367036957698/340675256026876/?type=1&theater

    Check Mate?

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