4 thoughts on “On Paint

  1. This would be a good spot for a sign reading “PARKING HERE SUBJECTS YOU CAR TO LEGAL DESTRUCTION WITH TIRE IRONS AND BASEBALL BATS”. Then, build a small enclosure to house said tire irons and baseball bats. And hey, no harm done….

  2. Agreed, but that guy is still just being a jerk!
    Paint will never replace curb (kerb), but that is a pretty emphatic bike lane as far as paint goes

  3. You should get some pictures of the Congress St buffered bike lane in downtown Boston at rush hour. Also known as the BMW and Lexus bypass lane to I-93.

  4. Guerrilla bike lanes? OR at least red solo cups denoting them better. FWIW this setup for Ames is temporary; the street will be narrowed/calmed in a couple years when they add a new building. And we need someone willing to bike down the street wearing something with a lot of exposed metal, launch in to the car, and scratch the heck out of the thing.

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