14 thoughts on “New Bakfiets!

  1. Hey! Just stumbled upon your post while browsing through the net reading about workcycles and their bakfietsen… We ordered their new Kr8 one and while waiting for it I am stilling my hunger for bakfietsen by reading about them online😉 Just noticed the things (dont know the right english word for it) to hook the elastics onto on the inside of your crate! Did you do that yourself or the Workcycles did that? Do you use them a lot? Are they handy? While looking at them I thought they would prove more effective when they were lower, so they would really hold _down_ the load, or am I wrong?

    • I did attach them myself. I used galvanized hardware bought from a local big-box store, with my own stainless bolts / nuts / washers. I also sealed the drill holes with silicone sealant before putting the bolts through. As for the height, you’re right, lower down would work very well for most people. Mine are that height to hold taller loads in, like my daughter’s little 12″ wheeled bicycle. But I find myself thinking about a second set of four, anchored lower down.

  2. Another important note: That style of “D-ring anchor” will flop around terribly if you install it as it comes in the package. Before installing mine, I wrapped 2 layers of black electrical tape around them under the mounts, which makes them “tacky,” so they stick in position pretty well and do not click and flop around.

  3. I have a Bakfiets too. I love it, I get lots of interactions from complete strangers. It has taken some getting used to, kinda like pushing a newborn in a pram and everyone peeking and smiling. Mine is the Gazelle cabby with a folding box, I made a cover for it that matches the panniers and seat covers. I’ve been known to pack the contents of a full Costco trolley into it.

    Tips? The extra chain that locks into the O-lock on the rear wheel means that you can lock it to something and through another bike (like the 12″). A wooden box means you can mount stuff as you have already done. But you’ve missed the most important thing – a wall mounted bottle opener… I am surprised! Something like this (http://www.anythingdogs.com/pug-dog-bottle-opener.html) would look superb on the outside of the rear panel. Those clever Dutch mustn’t drink anything as I had to add a drink cage to my handlebars.

    Love your blog, Gordo is a duuude.

  4. Kyle – love this and this is my first time seeing this – love the pug! I have Boston terriers myself so I have an appreciation for short chunky smashed face pups. I hope you don’t mind answering – what model is the bakfiets? And I see you used an orange basket of some kind before for your pugster. Do you know what that is? I am going to try to teach one of my Boston’s to ride in a basket on the front and I like the look of yours. Love love love the bakfiets pug stuff!🙂

  5. Awesome Kyle! Thanks so much for the info and quick response! I think the orange basket would be great so the dog’s claws don’t get hung up in there. And it would be good for bike picnics too! My skinny Boston will fit in there but my chunky one is going to need a bakfiets. I think we NEED a bakfiets😉. Thanks again and so glad I saw your post! Have a great day!

  6. Not that you DON’T need a bakfiets (because everyone needs one), but Gordo is 30 pounds and fits just fine. It helps to fold up an old blanket or a small fuzzy dog bed in the bottom, too. The bottom is hard plastic, and it’s not comfy for long.

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